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The Cheapest Prepaid Electric Company in Texas – Bar None!

With more than 264 retail electric providers to choose from, you can easily get confused.

…Or maybe you just get tired of researching, give up, and sign a contract with a company so you don’t have to deal with this pain-in-the-you-know-what process anymore.

But take heart – you do have hope.

Searching for an electricity provider with the cheapest rates and no hidden fees doesn’t have to feel hopeless.

Pronto Power Gives You The Cheapest Electricity In Texas – With No Hidden Fees, No Credit Check, No Deposit, and No Contract!


Everything you just read is true.

…And there’s absolutely no catch or got-yas!

You simply have to prepay for your electricity.

That’s it.

How’s that work?


Then, you prepay however you want – daily, weekly, or monthly. You get text or email reminders (or both) of your account balance at 7 AM. To keep your electricity on, you simply need to have just a single penny in your account by 1 PM each day.

What’s in it for us?

Your loyalty. Like any Texas REP, we want to grow. All the other companies send you running in the other direction with their irritating hidden fees, contracts designed to trap you, and unaffordable deposits.

But we want to grow. So, we’re happy to serve you.

No Contract To Sign Means You Have No Risk and Can Cancel Anytime

…Afraid you’ll end up with yet another REP who only takes advantage of you?

That won’t happen with Pronto Power.

But just to put your mind at ease….know that you don’t sign a contract. And since you don’t pay any connection or disconnection fees, you can simply join or leave as you please.

That means you risk absolutely nothing.

We do it because we’re confident you’ll love our service and cheap rates and won’t have any desire to leave.

Ready for awesome, no risk-service, and the lowest rates from the cheapest electricity company in Texas?

Get it all within an hour if your home has a smarter meter!

Just call 844.621.2852 now.

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