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Cheapest Dallas Prepaid Electric Company with No Deposit

You look in your mailbox and your heart sinks. The electric bill is due again. If only you could find a less expensive way to use power. Good news! Your Dallas prepaid electric company, Pronto Power, has the answer.

Lowest rates in Dallas

Pronto Power saves money at every turn and returns that money to its customers to save you money every month on your electric bill. For instance, advertising is a huge expense for power companies. Pronto Power uses inexpensive forms of advertising, such as word of mouth from our customers, to save money.

The word-of-mouth advertising benefits you as well. When you refer a new customer to Pronto Power, we will give you and your friend a $20 credit on each of your bills. For every friend or relative who becomes a customer and gives us your name, your bill increases $20 and their bill increases $20. Keep those friends coming and we will keep crediting your account!

Another method Pronto Power saves its customers money is through an informative free app its customers can access. We teach our customers how to read their smart meters from the app on their phones – no more looking at your power meters! Look at the app to see how fast your meter is running. Turn on the washing machine and watch the meter click over more quickly. Turn off the dishwasher and see the numbers move more slowly. Knowing how you use power empowers you to use less electricity. It has been noted that customers who are aware of how they consume electricity tend to use less, and that benefits your bottom line.

The app shows a second benefit: If you turn on an appliance and check your power meter and see it is moving extremely quickly, this may be a sign your appliance needs to be either repaired or replaced. Being aware of how much energy your appliances use may bring you to the conclusion that it is time to invest in a new energy-saving appliance. New appliances can often pay for themselves in less than a year by using far less energy.

One more cool feature of the app: it updates every morning to let you know how much money is on your account. You decide whether you want to add money during the day or not. As long as your account has at least $.01, your electricity continues to roll.

Pronto Power understands life happens. If you find you cannot pay your bill on time, let us know as quickly as possible. We can work with you and defer your bill until your next paycheck. Our customer service team is ready to help.

Pronto Power’s no-deposit policy

Many companies advertise you will not pay a deposit to begin service, but when you read the small print you realize only a few people are eligible for no-deposit service. At Pronto Power, we never charge a contract fee, a sign-up fee, a deposit, or any other up-front charges to our new customers. When you sign up, all we ask is for you to place at least $20 into your account. This money is yours. You use it to pay every time you use power in your home. Add more money any time you are ready.

Are you worried about your credit score? Pronto Power is not. We do not run a credit check because we do not require a deposit.

Call your Dallas prepaid electric company, Pronto Power, today at 844-621-2852. You and your pocketbook will be very pleased you did.

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