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Cheapest Carrollton Prepaid Electric Company with No Deposit

Your electric bill is one of your largest monthly expenses. Most companies charge a deposit or want money a month in advance to begin service, and it seems impossible to save that amount of money. What can you do? Pronto Power, the Carrollton prepaid electric company with your needs in mind, has an answer.

We realize our customers have the option of leaving whenever they choose because we do not tie anyone to a contract. That means we give every customer superior customer service.

No deposit in Carrollton, or anywhere else in Texas

Not only are our power rates exceptional, we never charge a contract fee, a sign-up fee, a deposit, or any other up-front charges to our new customers. And if your home is equipped with a smart meter (99% of Texas homes are) Pronto Power can have your service switched from your current power company to our service within an hour. It is that easy.

Many companies advertise no deposits, but when you read the fine print you almost always find deposits are necessary for customers with lower credit scores. Pronto Power does not ask you for a credit check, and no customer requires a deposit to begin service.

Fantastic rates

Pronto Power keeps its power rates low by teaching its customers how to read their smart meters – the information is on a free app so you don’t even need to look at your home’s meter – to understand in real time how much energy is being consumed. You decide whether you want to run the dishwasher or clothes dryer now or later. You can also see how much electricity is used for each appliance and determine if one is using way more than it should. If it is, you might wish to invest in a new energy-saving appliance.

Our customer service team is ready to answer all your questions and offer suggestions on how you can save money on your power bills. Consider it one more perk of being a Pronto Power customer.

Extra savings

Like our service? Tell your friends! For every new customer you refer to Pronto Power, we will give you – and your friend – a $20 credit on each of your bills. Every time one of your friends becomes a customer and gives us your name, you will see another $20 credit on your bill.

Pronto Power looks forward to being your Carrollton prepaid electric company. Call us today at 844-621-2852 to become the newest Pronto Power customer.

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