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Cheaper Than All Other Prepaid Electricity Providers in Dallas!

Well, if we’re cheaper than all other prepaid electricity providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, there’s gotta be some huge catch, right?

Because, come on, what kind of company can actually afford to give you anything more than that?

There’s gotta be some tricky fees or something like that once you join, right?

After all, that’s been your experience with other electric providers in the area. They tell you all these wonderful stories of great energy savings, and then they end up nickle and diming you to death once you become a customer.

Pronto Power’s Different! Get the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Rates in Dallas, Without Hidden Fees or Signing a Contract

Well, Pronto Power’s unlike all the rest.

We know your typical experience. Another utility gives you grand promises of ridiculously cheap rates.

But then you sign their contract. They force you to pay a huge up-front deposit you truly can’t afford.

And then when you become a customer, all these strange fees you didn’t know about start coming up. Fees for paying over the phone. Fees for using certain amounts of electricity each month.

Even fees for connecting and disconnecting your service.

You get none of that with Pronto Power.

Pronto Power’s So Affordable and Easy, It’s Almost Absurd

When you join Pronto Power on our prepaid electricity plan, it’s almost ridiculously easy.

First, you don’t sign a contract. There’s no credit or ID check. You don’t pay a huge up-front deposit.

Then, you get emails or texts (or both, your choice) every day notifying you of your usage and account balance. Prepay however you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily. As long as you have just one penny in your account by 1 PM that day, your electricity stays on.

It really is that simple.

So instead of fighting your utility and worrying about what fee you’ll get slapped with next, you just sit back and enjoy the cheapest rates of all providers in the Dallas area. By the way, if you see cheaper rates advertised elsewhere, make sure to read the fine print and understand all the potential fees competitors charge. Compare that to what you’d pay at Pronto Power for an accurate and fair comparison.

Sound good?

Great. Call 844.621.2852 to join Pronto Power and get connected within the hour (if your home has a smart meter).

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