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Cheaper Than All Other Houston Electricity Providers

With electricity in Texas, it’s hard to tell what you actually pay.

Energy deregulation was supposed to make this a huge win for consumers.

However, more than 15 years after the fact, there’s mounting evidence that prices have actually gone up!

Do you know what you actually pay for your electricity?

Note that you have to include all the various fees. This could include late fees, hidden fees, estimated charges, connection fees, and anything else your electric provider could imagine.

Once you add up all the costs and then divide that by your kWh usage, then you know your true electric costs.

…But even though most companies may charge more than you’ve ever paid, not all do.

What Makes Pronto Power Cheaper Than All Other Houston Electric Providers

We’re cheaper than your current electric company because we never charge any hidden fees.


You don’t pay any “estimated charges.” And in fact, you don’t pay any fees at all.

You pay only for the electric you use. It’s the cheapest overall rate. And that’s all there is to it!

You simply place your funds in a prepaid account. To start, you put in $19.99. That money goes exclusively toward the cost of your electricity. It is not a fee above and beyond what you normally pay for your electric usage.

Then, you simply prepay monthly, weekly, or daily as it suits you and your budget.

Can’t make a payment? No problem. Call our friendly customer service team and we’ll be happy to work out a payment plan with you that helps you make it through the toughest of financial difficulties.

How You Can Save an Additional 20-25%

When you become a customer, you get special access to a software tool that connects to your smart meter and shows you your electricity usage exactly as you use it.

So, you can change what you do and watch your electricity usage change this very second!

Our customers use this to save an average of 20-25% more versus customers who don’t.

Out of all the electric companies in Houston that you can choose, Pronto Power is the cheapest – with the best customer service.

And you don’t have to sign a contract.

Just call 844.621.2852 to join free now!

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