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Cheap Electricity with No Deposit for All of Texas

Wasn’t the energy deregulation done in the early 2000s supposed to drive down rates for consumers? It was supposed to. But reports have come out which have found that may not be the case.

We don’t know the truth on the whole. But you’ve certainly experienced all kinds of difficulty.

Some retail electric providers advertise low rates…and then they nail you with all kinds of fees on the back end to make up for it. Or they hit you with a big initial deposit…just for the right to electricity.

Whose side are they on anyway?

Pronto Power Gives You Cheap Electricity with No Deposit…And No Hidden Fees or Gimmicks (And No Contract)

Are you a senior citizen, college student, or recent immigrant? Or, are you just having a wicked tough time in life and are getting hammered financially?

Then you might want to take a minute to learn about Pronto Power’s prepay electric service.

When you prepay with Pronto Power, you:

Get your electricity turned on almost immediately (usually within an hour if you have a smart meter)
Don’t pay any huge up-front deposit
Pay only as-you-go. You’ll get your account balance each morning at 7 AM. You don’t need to pay until 1 PM that day
Can work out flexible payment arrangements if you can’t make your payment for any reason
Never pay any hidden fees
Can work your way onto traditional post-pay at the end of the month if you don’t experience any disconnections over a 90-day period

Finally, you don’t even sign a contract. That means there’s no risk to you. You can easily cancel your service at any time…and for any reason. Cheap electricity is simply available to you.

Sign Up for Cheap Electricity with No Deposit Today

To sign up, you simply need to deposit $19.99 into your prepaid account. This is not an additional fee. It’s simply your opening account balance, and 100% of the funds go directly to your electricity usage costs.

Fair is fair, isn’t it?

You’ll get access to the cheapest electricity rates in Texas. And you won’t have all the annoying gimmicks and hassles you get with so many other electric companies.

Sound good?

Great. Just call 844.621.2852 to sign up now.

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