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Cheap Electricity Rates for Everyone

To get access to many things in this society, you need to have money. To have a surgery, you must pay for decent insurance. To own a nice home, you need a stable income. To own a cool car, you must be making a certain income at your job.

But to get cheap electricity rates at Pronto Power, you only need $19.99.

No joke. Not an exaggeration. And there’s no hidden fees on the backside to make up for our cheap electricity rates.

You can be a college student, senior citizen, immigrant, or just in a really rough financial place. And your credit history doesn’t matter one bit.

We don’t care. We’d love to help you.

How Does Pronto Power Deliver You Cheap Electricity?

Being a smart consumer, you know there’s got to be something in it for us. Because, nothing in life is truly free.

You’re wise to think that. In exchange for cheap electricity rates for customers in difficult financial situations, we get more paying customers. That grows our business, which makes us happy. And since you get access to cheap electricity with excellent service and no hidden fees, you’re happy.

It’s a win-win.

We do it using pay-as-you-go or “prepaid electricity,” whatever you’d like to call it. To start, all you need to do is pay $19.99. This isn’t a fee. It’s the initial deposit in your prepaid account, and every penny goes toward the low cost of your electricity.

You’ll receive daily notifications of your account usage and balance, so you’ll always know where you’re standing. You even get access to real-time electricity monitoring so you know exactly what you’re using at any given time. Then, you can instantly adjust your behavior to see your savings.

What happens if you can’t pay? Say a mistake is made and you don’t get your check. Or your financial situation suddenly gets even worse.

No problem. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you through this difficult time.

No Contracts – Get Your Cheap Electricity Within the Hour!

To top this off, you don’t sign a contract. That means you’re free to leave Pronto Power at any time, and for any reason. And it means we have to follow through on our promises. So we really can’t have those hidden fees sitting somewhere in the background…because you can leave at a moment’s notice if that happened (which it doesn’t).

99% of homes with a smart meter can get connected within the hour. For cheap, no-hassle electricity, choose Pronto Power.

Just call 844.621.2852 today.

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