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Benbook’s Cheapest No-Deposit Prepaid Electric Company

Why should you have to put up with all the hidden fees, poor customer service, and other deceptions you get with many electric companies in Texas?

Energy deregulation was supposed to drive down prices for consumers.

However, there’s strong evidence which indicates that hasn’t happened overall.

And certainly, in many cases (and perhaps yours?), it obviously hasn’t happened.

Some companies, for example, advertise ridiculously low rates (2-3 cents per kWh), but then whack you with an unheard of $200 – $250 fee for using more than an intentionally low limit (like 1000 kWh per month, for example).

They know you won’t exceed that usage some months. But they know that several months you will.

And when you calculate what you’ll pay for the month (including that fee), the final number ends up at 22 cents per kWh…when the national average hovers around 12 cents per kWh!

So some companies rig the game so it looks good to you so you come in as a customer, but so that they win in the end.

And if they have you in a contract, plus charge you disconnection fees, they have you right where they want you.

Unfortunately, some companies do business that way.

But Pronto Power Doesn’t. In Fact, You Get the Cheapest Rates, Helpful Service, and No Deposit Electricity.

Wait a minute…why would Pronto Power do this?

If other companies get customers using deceptive strategies, why wouldn’t we do that to profit also?

Simple: it results in a win-win for you and us.

Because most other no-deposit power companies use abusive business practices, we know you won’t want to change from us once you experience our prices and service.

That keeps our marketing and service costs low. And it gives you the great prices and service you want.

It’s a much healthier long-term business model.

How Does Pronto Power Work?

It’s easy. There’s really practically nothing to it.

Simply prepay for your electricity. That starts with an initial payment of $19.99 that goes directly toward your electricity usage. This is not a fee or deposit for the right to service of any kind.

Then, you simply prepay whenever works for you – monthly, weekly, or even daily if you want.

As long as you have a single cent in your account by 1 PM, your electricity stays on.

Plus, you can use our real-time energy monitoring software to understand how you use electricity and save 20% versus the average Texan, like many of our customers do.

Sound good? Great. We’d love to have you. Call 844.621.2852 to join free now.

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