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Always the Lowest Rates from the Best Electricity Company in Texas

It’s pretty gutsy when a company calls themselves “the best,” isn’t it?

After all, it’s easy to call yourself “the best.” So you probably meet that claim with a bit of skepticism.

But, with the lowest rates in Texas (All the time. All year long.), no contract, no hidden fees, no hassles, no risk, no credit check, no up-front deposit, plus great service, it’s not unfair for us to say we’re “the best.”

Do we really offer the lowest rates in all of Texas?

Yes! And you can do the research to make sure we’re telling you the truth.

Remember, not every ad you see tells the full story. Some supposedly low rates (just 2-3 cents per kWh) skyrocket when you exceed the quoted limit by just a single kilowatt.

So, use 1,001 kilowatts, and suddenly your cost shoots to the moon at more than 20 cents per kilowatt-hour, wiping out any savings you got so far. The charge includes those first 1,000 kilowatts used – and not the number of kilowatts over 1,000 that you used.

That’s how some companies play the “got-ya” game. You have to read the fine print they use to advertise their scheme.

…But you don’t get any of that nonsense with Pronto Power!

Instead, you pay the same low-kWh rate all the time – whether you use 999, 1,000, 1,001, or 10,000 kilowatts during the month.

Do the math to see how it works out based on your past electricity bills!

And the Lowest Prices Aren’t All You Get from the Best Electricity Company in Texas

Hey, like we said, this offer doesn’t end with the lowest prices.

You also:

So…there’s gotta be a catch for all this, right?

Well, no. Not really.

We do ask you to pay up-front for your electric use.

It buys you electricity you use to power your TV, computer, smartphone, oven, dishwasher, and whatever other electric appliances you have.

Simply keep your account balance positive. That’s it. And your electricity stays on!

Have extreme financial difficulty? No sweat. Just give us a call and we’re happy to help you make payments so your electricity doesn’t get shut off.

Just call Pronto Power at 844.621.2852 to sign up and get connected for free within the hour (if your home has a smart meter)!

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