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Why Get an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

C’mon! Really?

Does an energy-efficient garage door make enough of a difference to warrant the time and effort necessary to find a good one and get it installed?

It does.

Because, the costs of an inefficient garage door easily hide and sneak their way onto your electric bill.

The reason: no insulation.

Garage doors, and garages themselves, are often uninsulated. Because, you the homeowner don’t typically feel the effects of the lack of insulation immediately.

For example, you don’t experience a cold draft during winter when you’re in your living room or bedroom.

If you did, you might get your garage insulated pronto.

Instead, the lack of insulation makes rooms adjacent to your garage more susceptible to temperature swings.

And you don’t use those rooms often yourself. So, you easily forget about the problems your uninsulated garage door causes.

The hot or cold air seeps right in from outside and then infiltrates those adjoining rooms you spend little time in. Then, your HVAC system works harder to heat or cool your home.

Because you’re not in those rooms, you unknowingly have your HVAC system driving up your electric bill each month.

During the intense Texas heat, your garage door can allow so much heat in that its own electric components get damaged. Your phone could even get damaged if you leave it in your car.

In winter, your electrical components aren’t as susceptible. But your garage door springs can get damaged. That’s just another cost you don’t need!

Insulated Garage Doors Do More for Energy Savings Than You Think

Justin Evans, from Clopay (a garage door manufacturer), cited a study the company did which found insulated garage doors raised the in-garage temperature by 12 degrees.

That was without any additional insulation in the garage itself.

Usually, around 3-4 degrees makes a noticeable difference on your electric bill. And 12 degrees will make a substantial difference.

But, energy savings aren’t the only benefit of an insulated garage door. There’s more:

So an energy-efficient insulated garage door makes more sense than it seems at first. And you’re wise to consider installing one if it fits in your budget.

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