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What to Expect from Your Electricity Service Provider

In 2002, Texas deregulated the electricity industry, giving the retail electricity industry the option of selling electricity to end users. This created a free market economy where electric costs were driven down and consumers’ electric bills became significantly less expensive. Pronto Power joined that surge and quickly became the lowest-priced Mesquite electricity service provider.

With several companies vying for your business, it pays to shop around. What can you expect from your next electric company? Pronto Power knows how other electric service providers operate, and ensures its Mesquite customers – and all Texas customers – that they are receiving the best rates.

Best rates for electricity

You have probably seen giant billboards advertising cheap electric rates – even less expensive than Pronto Power’s rates. When you examine the small print you realize their rates are tied to a contract, and the rates may only be that low for a number of months, then rise sharply while their customers are still under contract and unable to change to another electric company. Pronto Power does not tie its customers to a contract, and the advertised rates are the rates you can expect, no small print to read.

Look online at all your local retail energy providers to check out not only rates, but any down payments, application fees, deposits based on a credit check, or any other hidden fees to begin service. These can add significantly to your initial bill and negatively affect you if you decide to change service. Keep in mind Pronto Power never charges any of these fees, and will not run a credit check on you or require a deposit.

Quick and easy installation

Once you decide on the best retail energy provider, you want to begin saving money immediately. Pronto Power will have your power connected in less than an hour as long as your home has a smart meter. Once you’re connected, you can physically watch your savings since we provide our service on an easy-to-use app that monitors your energy usage in real time.

Customers have reported they use less electricity when they see how energy is consumed. This handy app also makes it possible for you to troubleshoot some energy culprits, such as an old toaster that uses way too much electricity when it is plugged in. Because you are able to see immediate changes in your electric use, you can tell what appliance is causing a strange fluctuation and determine whether you need to replace it or fix it.

Remember, newer appliances are generally much more energy efficient, so you can recoup the money you spent on a new appliance quickly in many cases.

The app has another advantage as well: along with knowing how much energy you are consuming, you can also see the funds in your account. As long as your balance is above one cent every morning, your power is on. If you are not particularly phone savvy, we can email your account information to you every morning. We can even do both for you if you like!

You can add funds immediately through your phone app at any time of the day or night. We have also partnered with SmartHub and Pay Now, which you can access on your computer or through SmartHub’s app. Another option is calling 541 746-1583 any time to make an automated phone payment. So many options to make your life easier!

Pronto Power also recognizes it is not always possible to pay your bill on time; call us before 1:00 in the afternoon when you see your account is low and you can qualify for a free extension.

Prepaid service for everyone

Pronto Power’s prepaid electricity is a great option for Texans who want power without being sidled with a deposit. Once you have established you are a good paying customer, you can qualify for our monthly service plan. Since we already know you are a good customer by that time, you will not be charged a deposit, regardless of your past credit problems because we still will not run a credit check.

How do I begin?

Sign up for Pronto Power by calling one of our excellent customer-focused customer service representatives at 888 621-2852. Within an hour you could have great service at a fantastic rate. To begin, deposit at least $50 into your account. This is your money to pay your first bill. You can see it in your app any time and watch as energy is consumed so you know when to add additional funds. We look forward to having you in the Pronto Power family!

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