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Top 3 Energy Savings Innovations To Watch Out for in 2021

It’s great to live in the most innovative country in the world, isn’t it?

While the change can be difficult to keep up with, it does a lot to improve your life. And as a result, you live one of the highest quality lifestyles not just in the world, but in all of history.

So, what do bright minds have on the docket for you in 2021? Take a look at some of the latest inventions:

1. Power Over Ethernet (POE) Lighting

Because wifi’s the standard, you don’t see ethernet cables all over your home. But, you might run such a cable from your modem to your router. Or, if you need a more reliable signal, you might run a wire to a more distant part of your home.

And your workplace? It’s loaded with ethernet cables!

So, it only makes sense to use existing infrastructure to reduce energy use, right?

Well, it’s actually happening right now and very close to home. The 5-star hotel, The Sinclair, opened in Fort Worth in January with just such a technology.

Network packets (data) sent over ethernet cables power low-energy-use light bulbs.

How long will it be before this hits your home?

2. Controlling Energy Loss at the Transformer

Okay, so this one actually happens before the electricity hits your home. But it’s good to know about.

Much of the energy loss in our country comes from transformers as they struggle to distribute it to consumers and businesses.

It’s an absurdly difficult task to keep them maintained and operating in tip-top condition all the time.

Plus, variables like temperature, power quality, and load conditions, all of which affect transformers, constantly change.

One innovation, created by several individuals at Georgia Tech University, is called Gamma. This technology monitors power quality and makes it easy to manage many transformers at once.

And technologies like Gamma help keep your electricity prices low.

3. Smart Homes Will Now Commonly Have Energy Intelligence Already Built In

Energy intelligence, up to this point, has been more so the choice of the homeowner. Now, it’s becoming the standard.

And while you might not always like what large corporations do, Apple, Amazon, Zigbee, and Google are working together on communication standards that make their smart devices work together.

Right now, your home might have a smart thermostat or smart LED light bulbs. However, new homes will have an understanding of how the entire home uses electricity.

And then they’ll show you where you waste energy and how to change your home’s energy use to match the conditions of the grid.

It’s pretty neat what we can do to save energy. But never forget to do your part! The best thing you can do to change the world is to first make the change in yourself.

After all, you’ll see more money in your pocket. And you’ll just feel oh-so-good because you’re doing the right thing.

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