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The Cheapest Electric Company in Frisco with No Hidden Fees

Why is it that when you choose certain electric companies in Texas they seem to make working with them a huge pain-in-the-you-know-what?

There’s a huge up-front deposit. Maybe they charge you another big fee after you join. You pay “estimated charges” you don’t understand on your bill.

Customer service runs you around in circles. They never have answers to your questions.

How is it that this company is actually still operating?

And if you try to leave their steely grasp…well there’s a disconnection fee for that too.

What a mess!

Well, those companies take the hard, short-term approach of getting as much profit as they can out of you right now. It could be their CEO needs to report good numbers to save his job.

And it might be they just don’t care about people and want to squeeze every cent out of you they can because they love money so much.

Pronto Power: The No-Hidden Fee, No-Hassle, No-Contract, and No-Deposit Power Company

At Pronto Power, you get a completely different approach…one that couldn’t be more convenient.

When you choose to join, you don’t pay any deposit at all. You don’t have a connection or disconnection fee. You never pay any hidden fees.

You don’t even need a credit or ID check. You get the cheapest prepay electric rates. And you get access to our online software tool which customers use to save an additional 20% (and even more).

Plus, you don’t even sign a contract. There’s no risk. Cancel anytime and for any reason.

And customer service can’t wait to help you out if you run into difficulty paying.

It works like that because Pronto Power loves to create win-win relationships: we get steady customers who stick with us for years.

You get convenient, no-hassle service, and the cheapest no-deposit power in all of Texas.

Sound good? Great!

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