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The 2017 Water Heater Buyer’s Guide

Did you know your water heater is the second biggest consumer of energy in your home?

It comes right behind your air conditioning system, central air, or heat pump. Few people think of their water heaters when they consider energy savings. But your water heater clearly presents a large opportunity for putting money back into your wallet.

If your water heater is older than a decade, it’s time to carefully consider buying a new one so you save both energy, and money. Here’s what to consider:

After a decade, as we just discussed, makes sense. However, another rule that offers greater precision involves checking your warranty.

See how many years you have left on your warranty. If your water heater needs a repair, only make it happen if the repair costs less than $50 per year for the years remaining on the warranty. If the repair costs more than that, replace your water heater instead.

Water heaters cost so much money and energy because they have to keep your water warm when not in use. When you consider the number of gallons your water heater holds, it makes sense why so much energy gets used.

A typical American household of 2-4 people uses 80-85 gallons of water daily. You’ll want a water heater that accommodates that level of use. You may have to consult with a professional to learn what size tank makes most sense for you.

Electric water heaters are the worst you can use. They consume lots of electricity and convert it to heat inefficiently. They’re not only not good for your wallet, but they’re not good for the environment either.

Gas water heaters cost more than their electric counterparts up front. However, because gas is so much cheaper and more efficient, they save you money and energy over the long run.

Solar-powered water heaters save a lot of energy for obvious reasons. However, even with all available tax rebates, they can still take 10-30 years before you actually save any money.

Tankless water heaters are the same in that respect. While they don’t need any energy to heat your water because they don’t have any tank, they cost much more than gas water heaters to buy and install. They also don’t heat your water as much as you might like.

Both are good options if you want to save energy – and have the bank account to afford it.

So that’s your guide to buying water heaters here in 2017. Keep it in mind if yours suddenly decides it no longer wants to operate.

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