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The #1 Guaranteed-to-Work Energy Savings Tip


This tip always works.

Every time.

You always save energy with it.

It worked 100 years ago. It’ll work 100 years from now. It’ll work 1000 years from now.

What is it?

Change your behavior.


But not always easy.

So how do you make behavior change easier and more likely?

And let’s make that more complicated: say you want your family members to change too and they’re really not interested.

Maybe energy savings and helping out the environment falls to the bottom of the list of their concerns.

Here’s how you might make the change process easier (and more likely):

1. Reward the Behavior You Want to See

Psychological studies have consistently found and proven that providing a positive reward is the most effective way to shape desirable behavior.

But, don’t just guess or assign the reward if it’s a family member you’re thinking about. Ask them what reward they want for meeting certain energy savings goals.

And do the same for yourself. For example, go out for a massage if you meet your energy savings goals for the month.

Or, maybe that’s too long. Perhaps, treat yourself to a cup of coffee if you meet your daily energy savings goal.

2. Create a Family Competition

Some people thrive on competition and the thrill of winning or losing. You could create a family competition that results in the winner choosing the family activity on the weekend.

Did you see how you snuck in a reward there too?

3. Focus on a Pain

Let’s say you have a family member who constantly says you “never get to go to the mall.”

Well, turn that into an opportunity for energy savings.

Tell them they get to go to the mall if your family saves $50 on your next energy bill.

And then challenge them to come up with ways to make that happen.

When your family member sees they can relieve a pain by taking certain action, they’re more likely to act.

4. Don’t Torture Yourself!

Yes. You can turn saving energy into a torturous nightmare.

No matter how much you might feel the pressure, either from yourself or from media-reported stories on the environment, don’t turn your life into hell just to save $25 per month on energy!


…Because you’ll end up miserable and you won’t stick to it.

For example, don’t take a “Navy” shower if you can’t stick to it over the long-term. A “Navy” shower is 1 minute of hot water, 1 minute with the water off to lather, and then 1 minute to rinse off.

If you enjoy that, by all means go for it.

But if you don’t, find other ways to save energy because you’ll stick to them.

Pronto Power also offers a software tool that monitors how you’re using electricity exactly this minute. And our customers save 20-25% by using this tool to understand how to change their behavior.

So if you haven’t tried it, login and give it a look!

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