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Teaching Your Children About Electrical Safety

Children are naturally curious, which helps them learn about the world around them but can also be dangerous. Learning about electrical safety early in life can prevent serious accidents inside and outside of the home.

Here are a few things your children need to know about electrical safety:

Staying Away from Sockets and Cords
You know that it’s dangerous to stick a finger or fork into an electrical socket, but that knowledge isn’t inherent. You need to teach your child that it’s dangerous and be very firm about keeping them out of harm’s way.

Cords can also present a danger if they’re chewed on, splitting or played with in a way that harms them. Keeping young children away from cords (even if they’re unplugged) is just as important as keeping them away from electrical sockets.

Never Mixing Electricity and Water
It’s pretty clear that electricity and water don’t mix. Just watch what happens when you drop your phone in the toilet or pool. This is an important lesson to teach your child early on, especially as more children’s toys contain electrical components.

Accidents often happen around sinks, bathtubs and toilets, all of which are in the bathroom where many electrical appliances live. Teach your child that hair dryers, curling irons and mobile devices need to stay out of the water to help them stay safe from electrocution.

Steering Clear of Power Lines
Spending time outdoors is an important part of childhood development. However, some things outside can be dangerous. Power lines, especially fallen ones, should be avoided at all costs. If there is a downed power line in your area, call your electric company immediately or 911 to report it.

This means when your child is flying a toy helicopter, a kite or a drone, you need to tell them to keep these items away from power lines. They should also know that it’s not safe to climb power line poles or trees that touch power lines.

Try Watching Some Videos
YouTube is a main source of entertainment and information for today’s children, especially if they have their own tablets or computers. Find videos about electrical safety online to show your children.

This will help them absorb the information, and it will give you an opportunity to play off what the speakers in the videos are saying. The more electrical safety is reinforced for your children, the lower their chances of related accidents. Electrical safety is important for consumers in today’s world, and the sooner children learn about the dangers of electricity, the safer they’ll be growing up.

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