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Other Electric Companies in Texas Don’t Want You? Join Pronto Power!

Wasn’t electricity deregulation supposed to drive down prices and improve service terms for Texas consumers?

…Has that actually happened?

Some research has shown electricity rates may actually be higher since deregulation. And, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of inconveniences, and even outright exploitation. High fees, hidden fees, massive deposits, inaccurate billing, and so on.

Instead of making the marketplace more competitive, the competition has clustered around several methods of business. That means the electric companies have more favorable terms.

So, you bounce from company to company, trying to find one who actually cares about you and can help you. Sometimes, your electricity gets disconnected.

When will this insanity end?

Pronto Power Gives You the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas – Without any Contract, Hidden Fees, or Hassles

The good thing about deregulation is every once in a while one company has enough courage to do something different to help you out.

At Pronto Power, we make sure you get the cheapest rates of all electricity companies in Texas.

…And that’s just the beginning.

You also do not sign a contract. That means you have absolutely no risk. Don’t like our service for any reason? Go ahead and try another company.

But, when you experience the terms and service available at Pronto Power, you won’t want to go somewhere else.

Since you prepay, we don’t even look at your credit, which means even bad credit or no credit at all works just fine. This is not a fee or security deposit simply for the right to service. It goes directly and only toward the cost of your electricity.

Fair is fair, right?

Then, you simply add funds as frequently as you’d like – monthly, weekly, or even daily. As long as you have just one penny in your account, your electricity stays on. And even if you run into financial difficulty so great you can’t even do that, simply call our friendly customer service team and we’re happy to help you create a payment plan that helps you make it through the most challenging financial circumstances.

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Does all this sound good? If so, you can get connected in under an hour if your home has a smart meter.

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