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One of Few Texas Electricity Companies with No Deposit

Does your electric company want a couple hundred, or even a few hundred, bucks as a deposit for your electricity?

That’s fine. It protects their interests if you don’t pay at the end of the month.

But what if you don’t have that kind of cash available? Because, sometimes you find yourself in a difficult financial situation.

Maybe you’re a college student who lost some hours at work. Maybe you’re a senior citizen. What if you recently immigrated to Texas? Or what if you’re just a regular citizen and everything that could go wrong financially did?

It happens. You can be working your tail off and doing all the right things, but sometimes everything goes wrong and you still find yourself in a jam.

Don’t Worry! Pronto Power is One of Few Electricity Companies with No Deposit

Look…we get it. You’d love to have all the money you need to pay your bills, and more. No person consciously says they want to have financial problems. But sometimes, they come anyway.

And that’s why we don’t charge you an unaffordable deposit when you prepay for your electricity. You don’t pay any deposit at all. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Absolutely nothing.

But that’s not where the benefits end. That’s because Pronto Power does so much more to make paying for your electricity easy.

For starters, there’s no hidden fees, gimmicks, or hassles. In fact, you don’t even sign a contract. So that means you have absolutely zero risk. None at all. If at any time you’re not happy with your service or payment, for any reason at all, you can leave. Just like that.

You get daily reminders by email or text (your choice) at 7 AM. To keep your service and avoid disconnection, you must make your payment by 1 PM. You can always add more funds ahead of time so you don’t have to pay every day.

What if you find yourself in an unexpectedly difficult financial situation? Simply give our friendly customer service team a call. We’re happy to work out flexible payment arrangements with you to help you make it through.

And you can even move on to post-pay once you’ve gone 3 months without having your electricity disconnected. But that’s your choice. You can certainly stay on prepaid electricity if you’d like.

Contact Pronto Power and Get Connected within an Hour

If your home has a smart meter, you can get access to prepaid electricity within an hour.

Just call Pronto Power at 844.621.2852 today.

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