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How Much Does Your Electricity REALLY Cost?

Do you pay the advertised rate for electricity?

Do you even remember the rate you were promised?

Electric companies know consumers like you forget these things. And many Texas REPs have figured out how to slip additional fees right underneath your nose without you even knowing it.

But you have to add in all your other costs and fees to calculate your true rate.

Electric companies understand you don’t always know what you’re signing up for.

Fees Typical Electric Bills Include

When you compare electricity rates, you have to check and see which of the following additional expenses you pay. Every REP can be different. So you’ll have to investigate them to learn further.

And make sure you get whatever they say in writing. Some companies go as far as playing verbal games and saying things like,”Oh yeah. That other rep you talked to misspoke. The charge is actually…”

…When they know full well they didn’t tell you about all the fees.

We can’t tell you what’s happening in your situation. But things like this absolutely do happen.

Anyway, you may pay fees for:

So, what initially could look like a steal in terms of electricity rates could actually end up being a nightmare.

So What Rate Do You Actually Pay?

You can simply look at those costs above and then keep them in mind in addition to the current kilowatt-hour rate you pay.

That probably gives you enough of a ballpark to understand which rate you see really is cheaper.

If you want a precise calculation, you’ll have to create a spreadsheet with these items. Then, use a 3-month average of the kWh you used at a similar time last year. Average this year’s same 3 months with those of last year’s.

Don’t just use the previous months to compare rates because your usage can vary greatly by season and year.

Add up all the additional fees you can find. Divide those by the 3-month average of your kWh you found for both this year and last.

Now, you have a total kWh-rate you can use to compare across companies so you know exactly what you have to pay overall.

Does Calculating Your Electric Rates Really Need to Be This Painful?

Well, it does if you’re shopping across various REPs.

Being a consumer today isn’t easy.

…Or you could take a look at Pronto Power. We offer the lowest rates in Texas and the highest standards of service. Plus, you don’t have to sign a contract.

That protects you from all the risk.

Just call 844.621.2852 today and ask your agent about the true low-cost plan for no deposit electricity.

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