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How to Stay Cool in the Texas Heat During COVID-19

Yikes. So cooling off in the intense Texas’ heat has become a lot more challenging this year, hasn’t it?

You can risk it and get out in public areas like swimming pools and water parks.

But do you really want to do that when coronavirus could suddenly break out and get far worse for a little while, like the experts are predicting?

Assuming intermingling with the public doesn’t sound like such a good idea to you, here’s what you can do to keep cool as temperatures rise above 100:

1. Make Your Own Water Slide

A few trash bags, baby oil to help you slide, and some water from your hose helps you make your own water slide.

It’ll definitely make life a blast for your young children. And you can sneak in a few turns too.

2. Install Heavy, Dark Blinds

This one will cost a little money. But not a lot. For those rooms that have direct sunlight exposure in your home, simply install heavy and dark blinds.

They keep the hot sun out. That keeps you cool. And it also saves you a little money on your air conditioning too!

3. Cook Outside on Your Grill

Cooking inside releases more heat into your home. So don’t do that and shoot yourself in the foot.

Simply cook your favorite meals on your grill. Here’s a list of 50+ easy grilling recipes to get you started.

4. Enjoy a Snow Cone

So yes you do have to go out in public to get a snow cone. But you don’t have to go out for very long.

You can even designate one person in your family to make the trip and come back to your home.

5. Drink Water Even When You Don’t Feel Thirsty

No matter how you decide to beat the heat, drinking water should be a part of your strategy. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because they only dehydrate you.

You don’t have to drink water if you feel it already sloshing around in your stomach. Don’t hurt yourself!

But do keep sipping on cool, refreshing water throughout the day, and even when you don’t necessarily feel thirsty.

6. Keep a Spray Bottle Handy

If you have to be out in your car, or even if you just go outdoors for a bit, keep a spray bottle nearby.

Simply soak yourself or your kids when you feel too hot. Or, upgrade that to a squirt gun and start an all-out family war!

7. Wear Light, Loose-Fitting Clothes

Light colors absorb much less hot sunlight than darker ones. Loose-fitting clothing allows the heat to escape from around your body.

So, there you have it. 7 simple tips you can use to beat the Texas heat. Stay cool out there!

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