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How to Optimize Your Electricity Use in Spring

Like saving electricity?

That little spring sweet spot is coming! it’s warm enough to not use your heat and cool enough to not use your AC. What a grand time of year!

Toss on a sweater or just sit around in your shorts all day, and you’re still comfortable.

It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

But, if you want to keep your electricity use to the minimum you need to still be comfortable, you still have things you can do.

Here’s a quick summary:

And here’s the full story for each:

1. Service Your AC

Keeping things in tip-top condition gives you the best efficiency. Your AC is easy enough to DIY…even if you’re not the super-handy type. Follow this simple guide.

Basically, you straighten the fins, clean out the evaporator coil, make sure that the unit is free of debris, and remove any weeds, shrubs, or small trees from nearby.

You can always hire a pro if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

2. Use Your Ceiling Fans

The wicked Texas heat can come at any time. And if you really don’t want to turn on your AC, you can still get away without it…at least until the temps get really crazy.

Your ceiling fan should have a switch on it. Flipping that switch changes the direction the fan blades turn.

During summer, make sure your ceiling fan turns counterclockwise. This pushes air down and makes you feel cool.

Then, you can keep your AC system off entirely or at a higher temperature. And that’s where the savings happen.

3. Grill Out

If you’re not already sick of being inside all the time because of COVID, you might be come spring.

So, use that time as an opportunity to cook outside. Keeping that cooking heat outdoors means your home stays a little cooler.

And you get to have fun while staying a little cooler!

4. Consider Upgrading Your Blinds

Do your window treatments keep the hot sun out of your home?

If they’re not as effective as you’d like, now’s your last chance to install blinds before the intense heat arrives.

Plenty of websites custom-make blinds to your specs and offer free shipping and free returns.

So, it’s relatively easy to do.

5. Inspect and Seal Ducts

Make sure you use tape specifically designed for your AC system’s ductwork. Don’t use plain ol’ duct tape.

Finding duct leaks isn’t super hard. Wet your hand and run it a few inches away from your ducts on all sides. Or, light an incense stick and look for the smoke to suddenly blow around when running your AC system.

Then, seal the cracks.

Saving money on electricity during the spring isn’t hard. Armed with these tips, you have the opportunity for some big, and fairly easy, savings.

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