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Hemp May Become the Next Great Energy-Saving Insulating Material

What first comes to mind when you hear the word “hemp?”

Do you worry about its use as a drug and the possibility it can cause a high? How can you use something like that in your home?

Well, because the farming of hemp has been outlawed in the US for many decades, there’s much misunderstanding about it.

Truthfully, hemp is now 100% legal. While related to marijuana, hemp does not cause a high. Legally defined, hemp must contain .3% THC (the chemical that can cause a high) or less. Marijuana typically has 5-20% THC content.

President Trump recently signed a bill that classifies hemp as an agricultural commodity, making it fully legal to farm anywhere in the US. Previously, federal law made no distinction between hemp and marijuana, therefore outlawing both.

That’s good news for hemp-growing farmers. This will spawn a large industry.

But what about hemp’s ability to act as an insulating material? What makes it so great?

Find out:

  1. Twice as Effective as Fiberglass

“U-Value” measures any substance’s ability to stop heat from passing through. 1 inch of hemp has a U-value of .040. 1” of fiberglass has a U-value of .22.

In practicality, 1 inch of hemp insulation works just as well as 8 inches of fiberglass insulation!

  1. Absorbs Moisture

Want to control humidity in your home so you’re more comfortable? Hemp comes to the rescue!

It has a superb ability to absorb moisture.

This not only improves your comfort, but it reduces the threat of mold growing in your home.

And it absorbs moisture without reducing its ability to insulate your home. If your fiberglass insulation gets wet, it loses almost all of its ability to protect your home from the elements.

  1. Super Awesome for the Environment

Hemp takes little energy to grow and process (unlike fiberglass). Plus, as hemp is grown by farmers, it removes greenhouse gases from the air.

So not only do you do yourself a favor by using hemp to insulate your home, but you do the environment a favor while its grown, and then you do the environment another favor by saving more energy with greater efficiency once the insulation’s in your home.

Hemp’s truly a superior insulating material that just can’t be beat.

And since it’s now legal to grow in the US, you can bet prices to purchase and install it will come down. You can already get it, although it may be somewhat difficult.

But definitely put it on your list of energy efficiency improvements to add to your home in the future!

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