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Harlingen’s Cheapest Electric Companies Can’t Beat Pronto Power

Yes. You do get the cheapest prepaid electric with Pronto Power.

But how can we be cheaper than everyone else?

It’s simple. Rather than trap you in a contract, nail you with all sorts of hidden fees, and then just find new customers when you leave, we treat you right from the start and aim to stay with you for years.

It’s a much more cost-efficient business model. And we share the savings with you.

But the cheapest prepay electric isn’t all you get with Pronto Power. There’s also:

Yes. It really is that simple.

That Sounds Too Good to Be True! What’s the Catch?

You’d think there has to be a catch, right? C’mon! Who would possibly give you all that?

Well…there is no catch. And our aforementioned business model makes it possible.

Then you simply pay however works best for you (monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to).

And if you ever have trouble paying, don’t sweat it. Instead, call our customer service, who’s happy to help you through even the most difficult of financial problems.

As long as you keep just one measly penny in your prepaid account by 1 PM each day, your electricity stays on.

And to prove there’s no catch, understand that you don’t sign a contract. Since you don’t pay any connection or disconnection fees, the cheapest prepaid, no-deposit power is yours completely risk-free. Cancel anytime and for any reason.

Plus, Save 20% More Versus Harlingen’s Cheapest Electric Companies

Think you got a lot already?

Well, you can get even more!

When you join Pronto Power, you get access to a free online electricity monitoring tool. Login to see how you’re using electricity right now.

Our customers then use this information to understand how to change their behavior to save even more electricity.

Some save 20%…and many even more!

You simply can’t get a better deal with any other company. And since it’s completely risk-free and you can cancel anytime, it’s worth a try.

So…what’re you waiting for? Join Pronto Power free within the hour if your home has a smart meter when you call 844.621.2852.

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