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Get The Lowest Cost of Electricity…Without Any Hidden Fees!

Texas has around 139 retail electric providers.


Do you have time to evaluate them all to see who offers you the best deal?

Look, deregulation’s been a good thing.

It keeps you from having to be under the thumb of one company.

And it gives you the power of choice.

But with your ability to choose comes responsibility.

…And confusion.

A whole lot of confusion!

Because every company has their different terms and options.

So it’s hard to know who’s really offering you the best deal.

And if someone claims to offer you a great deal, how will they treat you once you sign their contract?

Many companies exploit you to the maximum degree once they’ve got you in your grasp.

…And that’s not the type of relationship you want!

Pronto Power Charges You the Cheapest Rates in Texas. And Since You Don’t Sign a Contract, You Have the Freedom to Choose

Honest businesses are simple to work with.

The moment anything becomes confusing, especially in business-to-consumer relationships, you should immediately become alarmed.

Because that’s when you know the company is changing terms so they can gain the advantage in your relationship with them. And that means more money out of your pocket and into theirs.

But with Pronto Power, the relationship is simple:


It really is that simple.

Oh, and to make it even easier, you don’t go through a credit check. That means you can have bad credit, or even no credit at all.

What’s the catch?

There’s none.

We simply ask you pay-as-you-go for your electricity.

…And then you’re ready to save!

Many of our customers find their real-time electricity monitoring helpful in reducing their electricity use also. We have an online tool that shows you how you use your electricity now.

Simply turn off your HVAC system…and watch your use plummet.

This helps you identify how you use electricity, and small ways you can change your behavior so you increase your electricity savings and decrease your bill.

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