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Electricity Rates in Texas Too High? Get the Cheapest Rates Here!

As you shop electric providers in Texas, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the new lingo you have to learn.

Don’t feel ashamed about it! Many companies make their terms complex because they know if they have the upper hand in knowledge, they can get more money out of you without you even knowing it.

Others simply don’t talk about ways they might use to charge you. For example, they charge certain hidden fees.

So, even when you see a great price advertised, you may not end up paying anywhere near that price at all.

Sometimes, you can feel powerless, trapped, and at the mercy of vicious Texas electric companies who don’t care.

You’re certainly not alone.

But, Pronto Power may have just the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Makes Pronto Power Different from Every Other Electricity Company in Texas?

We don’t have one special gimmick we use that other companies don’t.

Rather, it’s the whole deal you get.

Yes, you get the cheapest electricity rates in Texas. And, you truly end up paying exactly what you think.

That’s because we don’t charge any hidden fees. You get billed accurately – only for the electricity you actually use.

You don’t have to pay any deposit at all. There’s no credit check.

And in fact, you don’t even sign a contract.

And since you don’t pay any connection or disconnection fees, that means you’re free to join or leave at any time, and for any reason.

You just can’t match those terms anywhere else.

How Can Pronto Power Offer this Amazing and Unique Deal?

It’s simple: we only ask you to prepay for the electricity you use.

Then, you simply have to keep your account value at one cent or greater to keep your electricity on.

You’ll get daily reminders at 7 AM by text or email. Just make sure you have that penny in your account by 1 PM.

And if you can’t keep your account balance positive that day, just call our friendly customer service team.

We’re happy to help you through the rough times!

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