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Balch Springs No Deposit Power Company with the Cheapest Rates

Every month you look at your power bill and wonder how you can save money. Pronto Power has the answer! Your Balch Springs no deposit energy provider can have your power switched over in an hour or less in most cases. Want to know more ways Pronto Power can save you money?

Low rates

We don’t use gimmicky advertisements to sell our service. This saves us money, and we pass those savings on to you. We strive to cut corners everywhere except our customer service. Why? We know you have choices, and you chose Pronto Power. We want you to know you’ve made the right choice. We realize our customers have the option of leaving whenever they choose because we do not tie anyone to a contract, so we treat every customer with respect.

Pronto Power has another great way to keep its rates low. We teach our customers how to read their smart meters – the information is available on a free app so you don’t even need to look at your home’s meter. Look at the app and you can see how fast your meter is running. Turn on the air conditioner and watch it click over more quickly. Turn off the dishwasher and watch the numbers move more slowly. You make the decisions. When customers are aware of how they consume electricity, they tend to use less, and that benefits everyone. By being aware of how much energy your appliances use, you might wish to invest in a new energy-saving appliance. New energy-saving appliances can often pay for themselves in less than a year by using far less energy.

Referral perks

For every new customer you refer to Pronto Power, we will give you and your friend a $20 credit on each of your bills. Every time one of your friends becomes a customer and gives us your name, you will see another $20 credit on your bill. Keep those friends coming and we will keep the credits coming!

No deposit in Balch Springs, ever

Not only are our power rates exceptional, we never charge a contract fee, a sign-up fee, a deposit, or any other up-front charges to our new customers. When you sign up, we ask you to put at least $20 into your account. This money is yours. You use it every time you use power in your home. And you can add more money any time you are ready.

If you find you cannot pay your bill on time, let us know as quickly as possible. We can work with you and defer your bill until your next paycheck. Our customer service team is ready to help.

Many companies advertise no deposits, but when you read the fine print, you see this offer does not apply if you have a lower credit score. Pronto Power does not care about your credit score. We never ask you for a credit check, and no customer requires a deposit to begin service.

Call Balch Springs’s no deposit power company, Pronto Power, today at 844-621-2852. You will love how much money you can save on your next electric bill.

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