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Azle’s Cheapest Prepaid No-Deposit Power Company

…Tired of all the tricks and gimmicks you get with other cheap or low-cost energy plans?

“Free energy on weekends.” But the truth is you pay a higher rate during the week to make up for it.

“Pay just 2-3 cents per kWh.” But then those electric companies stack their rates with ridiculously high fees that actually boost your costs to 20 cents per kWh per hour, and even much more. Plus, you’re stuck in a contract you can’t get out of!

Energy deregulation has driven down prices for consumers.

But you have to be a smart consumer. Some companies give you real deals. Others disguise the deal and then crank as much money out of you as they know how before you figure out what’s going on.

Forget all that. Now, there’s Pronto Power. We give you the cheapest prepaid electric rates not just in Azle, but in all of Texas.

And there’s no hassle. No deception. No hidden fees. No contract. Just cheap rates and great service.

A novel idea, right?

Sounds Good! What Do You Have to Do? ?

What if you can’t do that?

Then call our helpful customer service team as fast as possible. They’re happy to get you a solution ASAP, even if you find yourself in the most dire of financial circumstances.

Bonus: How You Can Save 20% or More

When you join Pronto Power, you get access to our real-time electricity monitoring tool. It shows exactly how much electricity you use right now.

Then, you simply learn how to change your behavior so you drive that usage down.

Many of our customers save 20%, and some even much more!

You’re in control. How much you save is up to you!

If the cheapest prepaid rates out of all Texas electric companies, great customer service, and the opportunity to save an additional 20% sounds good to you, just call Pronto Power today at 844.621.2852.

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