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5 Simple Summer Home Energy Savings Tips You May Have Forgot

Sometimes, you have to review the fundamentals. Because, it’s easy to implement some new things to do to save energy, and then slowly over the course of months, you fall back into your old habits.

Then one day, you realize you’re back in the same place you started…and you’ve lost out on all those energy savings!

Oh well. Guess you won’t get to go out to eat this month.

But never fear because, as always, we have you covered.

Are you doing these simple things to increase your energy savings this summer?

1. Changing and Cleaning Filters

This is an easy one that takes literally five seconds. Pull out your old filter. Put in a clean one. In Texas, you should probably do this on a monthly basis during the summer.

During winter, you may be able to get away with doing this every couple months or so.

A clean filter can easily lead to a 5-15% increase in energy savings.

That’s a tremendous amount of savings for the little work you have to put in!

2. Close Your Blinds

You can install window coverings too. But, blinds certainly do the job. Make sure you pull the blinds on the east, south, and west sides of your home while you’re gone during the day to keep the sun out.

If you don’t, around 75% of the sunlight that hits your windows enters your home and becomes heat.

3. Run Ceiling Fans and Portable Fans

Remember back in the good ‘ol days when you didn’t have air conditioning? Somehow, you made it through without.

We’re not saying to turn off your air conditioning entirely and make yourself totally uncomfortable.

But we are saying to use fans on those hot, but not too hot days. They’re much more energy efficient. And they can cut your energy bills substantially.

4. Buy Energy Star Products

Yes, Energy Star has had its problems in the past (like letting manufacturers hold themselves accountable for meeting their standards).

Even so, the typical Energy Star product is 15% more efficient than its non-Energy Star counterpart.

So, look for that Energy Star label whenever you shop for new equipment that makes your home comfortable.

5. Drink and Eat Cold Stuff

No joke! Drinking and eating cold water, smoothies, popsicles, or whatever your favorite cold food and beverages are helps you feel cooler!

This actually does lower your body temperature. And it can be a fun way to get a little more comfortable.

So yes, you can absolutely make it through the intense Texas summer heat and save energy.

But you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort.

Hopefully some of these tips sound like fun to you!

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