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5 Little-Known Winter Office Energy Savings Hacks

Whether you’re working from a home office or your regular office, saving energy can come back to you in significant ways.

At your office, you can win recognition and admiration. Saving your company money will certainly only do you good.

And saving money at home puts more in your pocket to use on something else. Or, you have a larger emergency fund to deal with life’s hassles.

So let’s take a look at a few clever ways to save more money in your home or workplace office:

1. Change to LED Lights and Multiply by 30.60

Go outside your home or workplace and see how many lights you have on. Count the total number of lights currently running.

Multiply those lights by 30.60 to estimate how much money you can save over the course of a year by keeping those lights off.

Next, we don’t have a calculation for this, but you can save more by making sure those lights are LED lights.

So when they are on, they use almost no electricity at all.

2. Set Sleep Mode for 5 Minutes

5 minutes is the ideal because you often find yourself taking quick breaks or having to deal with another task for many short bursts throughout your day.

So, turn that next 15 – 30 minute conversation with your customer, or that 60-minute meeting, into 10 – 55 minutes of energy savings!

3. Do an Energy Audit

This one may take some convincing at your company. And it’s a lot easier to execute at home.

Did you know energy audits typically result in 10 – 15% savings and pay for themselves in less than a year?

At work, you’ll need to hire someone else. At home, you can do your own. Here’s a simple one you can follow from

4. Motion-Sensored Lighting

Again, this one may be out of your reach at your company. But, using motion-controlled lighting, especially in your parking lot and hallway, can lead to big savings fast.

At your office, you can easily save 25% per year.

Home is a little more complicated. And that’s mostly because you’re in charge of the decisions. However, motion-controlled lighting can pay for itself quickly if you do the installation.

The payback will happen, but will take longer, if you hire someone to install motion-controlled lights.

5. Use Solar Energy To Your Advantage

Believe it or not, we don’t mean using solar panels to collect energy. Instead, keep your office blinds open, whether at home or work, and use the sun to your advantage.

It heats your home or office, reducing your dependence on your HVAC system.

The sun also helps you feel happier and more motivated. So, it’s a nice boost to your productivity too.

You can’t lose if you follow these tips. Which will you put into practice?

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