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4 Simple Ways You Can Save Money On Energy in 2018 And Beyond

Another dollar in your pocket is…another dollar in your pocket, right?

Sometimes, when you look at different ways to save energy in your home, you feel overwhelmed.

It’s a lot of work just for tiny savings.

C’mon, should you really install gaskets in each of your electrical outlets so you can save another $10 per year for the next 30 years?

What’s $10 buy anyway?

Here are some comparatively easy ways to save a nice chunk of cash throughout the year (read: low time and/or cash investment in return for good money and energy savings):

1. Get a Water Meter

You might already have one. But if you don’t, getting one will give you much more accurate billing.

Bonus savings go to you if you have fewer people in your home than bedrooms.

That’s just the way it works out practically.

2. Add Insulation

How’s the insulation in your home? Do you have an adequate amount in your attic? Remember, heat rises and wants to seep out tiny cracks and crevices you can barely see.

This happens because of a natural phenomenon called “stack effect,” which actually harms your air conditioning’s efficiency too.

Your exterior and interior walls also may not have an appropriate amount of insulation.

Call a contractor, but only one with at least a couple decades of experience and a pristine reputation (research Google, Angie’s List, and Houzz). You get what you pay for with insulation contractors.

3. Can’t Afford an Energy Efficiency Upgrade? Wait! Yes You Can.

Many utilities now offer what’s called “on-bill” financing. They’ll charge you monthly payments for an energy efficiency upgrade of your choice.

But, don’t let yourself become a victim.

Choose an energy efficiency upgrade with a short payoff period. New windows, for example, take 15 years (and usually more) before they pay for themselves.

Instead, look at upgrades like smart thermostats, new insulation, or a new water heater (or a new HVAC system if yours is 15+ years old). Do your research online at multiple sources so you get a fair, objective opinion.

4. Keep an Eye on Solar Energy Efficiency Upgrades

To be honest, solar panels or solar-powered water heaters aren’t the greatest energy efficiency upgrade at the moment.

Yes, they reduce your energy use. But, they cost so much to install that it typically takes a decade (or longer) before you make your money back.

However, their cost of production and installation is falling fast.

So, maybe each spring, do some investigation to see where market prices are at. Solar may become a great (and fast-returning) investment in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog too because we’ll let you know if that becomes a reality.

So yes, saving energy and money is easy. You just have to know where to put your time and hard-earned money.

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