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4 Ridiculous Electricity Savings Ideas (And What to Do Instead)

Ever read an electricity savings “tip” and frowned…wondering what in the world the author of such a tip could be thinking?

You have wise ways to save electricity…and then you have just downright absurd ones.

Read some of the absurd ones, and learn what you can do that results in real and effective electricity savings:

1. Using a Laptop Instead of a Desktop

You do save energy by using a laptop. But not much. When you use your laptop for 2 hours a day instead of a desktop, you save a whopping $4 per year!

Wow…bet that’ll stop the Arctic glaciers from melting!

Instead, simply make sure you use your laptop or desktop in the most efficient way possible.

Disable the screensaver and enable sleep mode. Plug your laptop into a power strip and turn the power strip off when you’re done with your laptop for the day.

2. Take a Navy Shower

A navy shower is supposed to take 3 minutes. First, you hop in the shower and get wet for a minute. Then, you turn off the water while you lather up with soap. And then you spend the final minute rinsing off.

Yes, you do actually save quite a bit of water and electricity this way. And it does make sense when you have limited water available…like in a RV or on a boat.

…But seriously? Who wants to take a shower like that every day? Should you really have to torture yourself to stay clean?

Instead, find other ways to save water. Take a shower instead of a bath. Use a water heater blanket to keep your water warm and cut water heating costs.

Turn the faucet off as you shave and brush your teeth.

3. Get a New, Energy-Efficient TV

Uh-oh! You’re really abusing the earth now. That old LCD TV you have costs you $6 more per year than a new, energy-efficient one.


Instead, turn off the TV for 30-60 minutes more than normal and spend that time with your family or friends. Quality time with important people makes you happier anyway.

Or, just plug it into a smart power strip so that it turns off automatically when not in use (rather than sucking power sitting in stand-by mode).

4. Don’t Use Your Oven During Summer

If you prefer the taste of grilling, by all means, go ahead. But, don’t worry too much about the energy you can save with grilling versus using the oven.

That’s because you’ll save a whopping $5 per year when you do so!

Wow! You could buy a whole beer at a bar for that same $5.

Instead, turn up your AC by one degree. You’ll save much more. And you don’t even have to think about it.

Listen, saving energy and being kind to the earth is a good thing. But you’re too busy and it’s unrealistic for you to take the perfect energy-saving action all day, every day.

So instead of following these downright insane tips you hear about all the time, spend your time automating your energy savings by using tips that don’t require you to think.

And besides, they save you much more energy anyway!

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