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4 Business HVAC Energy Savings Tips

Did you know that space cooling accounts for 15% of the energy used in a commercial building?

So, if you want to reap savings, that’s one of the first places to look.

How do you get some of those savings so you have more capital available for further investment?

Here’s what to do:

1. Search for a HVAC Service You Can Trust

No one knows your situation perfectly. A qualified HVAC service can be a huge asset because they can get to know your energy usage and identify your specific energy savings opportunities.

So, begin by researching online. Look for companies with great ratings and at least dozens of Google reviews.

Make sure the owner has at least a couple decades of experience.

Give your favorite contractors a call and see whose personality you trust the most.

Ask their rates. And go with a company that charges average or above-average rates.

2. Have Programmable Thermostats Installed

Yep. The temperature in a room can be contentious. Different people do well at varying temperatures.

So, this one might bring some politics into play. However, programmable thermostats can be a huge win and save you thousands throughout the course of the year by adjusting the temperature on nights, weekends, or by location.

When you customize the temperature, you’ll unlock all sorts of savings opportunities.

3. Regular Maintenance Can Reduce Costs by Up to 40%

Your employees require regular training to stay at the top of their game. You maintain your car so it performs its best all the time.

Your facility’s HVAC system is no different.

It needs regular maintenance from a sharp professional. Be careful because many HVAC companies love to sell you on maintenance plans, but don’t offer a lot in return.

Ask them exactly how their maintenance plan will reduce your HVAC costs.

4. Seal Ductwork

Leaky ducts are actually a frequent (and costly) problem at many commercial office buildings.

In fact, they can lead to up to a 20% (and even more) loss in energy savings.

Have your in-house maintenance team work on this if they know how to do it.

And if not, get an HVAC contractor on the job right away.

Enjoy the increased cash flow!

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