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4 Benefits of Duct Sealing

When was the last time you or anyone else examined your ducts for cracks and gaps?

They develop slowly over time. So if you haven’t checked in some years, you might find cracks that weren’t there before.

Your HVAC system likely has high efficiency. Most do these days. But if your ductwork has all sorts of cracks and gaps, your HVAC system’s efficiency takes a huge hit.

Duct sealing isn’t easy work. In fact, it can be quite challenging to find most or all of the cracks and gaps.

But it’s well worth your time and effort, or hiring a professional to do it for you. Here’s why:

1. Increase Your Own Personal Comfort

We talk all about saving money and being more efficient on this blog. That’s good.

But when you have all the cracks in your ductwork sealed, your own personal comfort gets a boost too.

If you have rooms with different temperatures, this could help stabilize them for a more even experience throughout your home.

2. Reduce Allergies and Sickness

Leaky air ducts don’t just let air out. Unwanted particles can sneak into your ductwork too. And then they can get distributed throughout your home.

Mold spores, mildew, pet dander, noxious fumes, and much more can creep in.

But when your ducts are sealed, that has no chance of happening. So, you could find yourself a little healthier and happier.

3. Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Ok, so this is the obvious one. Leaky ducts let air flow haphazardly throughout your home.

So, your HVAC system has to run longer and at a higher intensity to make up for that.

That means higher energy bills at the end of the month…unless, of course, you seal your ducts.

4. Increase Your HVAC System’s Life

This could mean thousands for several years. Installing a new HVAC system usually costs at least a few thousand bucks.

So, by not forcing your HVAC system to work so hard, you get to keep those thousands of dollars rather than having to spend them.

And that lower wear-and-tear also means fewer repairs along the way.

Isn’t it interesting how such small things lead to huge differences over time?

So, it’s simply a matter of knowing what to do. And now you know why it’s so important to seal the cracks and gaps in your ductwork.

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