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3 Energy Savings Habits to Use To Save the Earth

You’ve probably heard about putting those foam gaskets inside your electrical outlets to reduce air flow and keep your home more comfortable, right?

But honestly, how much energy does that really save?

And how much do you help the earth with that energy savings tactic?

It’s easy to think about the energy savings tips that save you the most money because they benefit you immediately.

It’s harder to think about saving energy in a way that benefits the earth most. Because, what does that do for you directly?

Is there such a thing as a win-win? Can you easily save a lot of money and help the earth too?

Yes. You can. Check out the tips below for proof:

1. Change Your Shopping Habits

This one you can do even during COVID.

Get appliances with the Energy Star Label. There’s talk that Energy Star doesn’t lead to the savings it says. That might be true in a minority of cases. However, in most cases Energy Star-certified products do in fact save the energy they claim.

Buy from stores with sustainable business practices. If you examine your favorite large chains and find they’re not as sustainable as you’d like, there’s always smaller companies offering similar appliances who are.

Regardless of the type of appliance you buy, check out sustainable options.

2. Drive More Efficiently

You can make this one pretty easy by simply buying an electric car.

What if you can’t afford one?

Then simply learn how to drive more efficiently. There’s plenty of apps that help you figure out how to maximize your miles per gallon.

In addition, give your car the regular maintenance it needs.

If you can, car pool, bike, or even negotiate more work-from-home hours.

Cars are responsible for around 25%, or perhaps slightly less, of all greenhouse gas emissions.

So optimizing how you drive for max efficiency does the earth a whole lot of good.

3. Use Sustainable Consumer Products

Paper towels, napkins, facial wipes, makeup removal pads, garbage bags – you constantly use these products over and over.

Well, now there’s sustainable options available.

In the case of paper towels, you can actually get reusable ones. And in the case of garbage bags, you can get ones made from sustainably sourced and grown sugar cane (rather than fossil fuels).

You don’t sacrifice any product quality. And you can easily save money with reusable products.

You’ll have to do your own research. But, you get the point.

These energy savings habits not only help you go green, but they help you save green too.

The only part left to the equation is for you to take action.

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